We started a dance party at the Obama Rally, and all we got was this lousy picture ;-)

Robin, Nic, and I No, it’s a great picture, it really is.   It was kinda hilarious, Nic and I boozed up a little in celebration of the Obama Rally.   We took the train there, and I was being freakin obnoxious… I mean I was treating it as if it were a baseball game, yelling stuff like “Ron paul is cool, but he ain’t no revolution!” and ” I don’t need an Obama T-Shirt, all I need is my vote!”

we got in, and the place was packed.  It was really great seeing the diversity of St. Louis They were playing soul music and Nic and I wanted to get closer to the speakers.  We stood near the back of the hall behind the press core, where there was a bank of speakers.  We didn’t need to see him, we needed to hear him.  😉 

As we were standing there, I was noticing a couple of people around us shimmying around a little bit.  Nic gets a tap on the back and our friend Robin is right there, and we give her a really big hug.  it was definitely a great entourage.  Whenever the three of us show up a place a dance party usually breaks out. 🙂

So the place is pregnant with expectation.  you could feel the excitement.  I was being obnoxious and clapping to the music.  There was a young indian gentleman in front of me doing the same.  Nic, Robin and I are groovin’ too.   There’s a couple of young ladies behind us nodding their heads as well.  I tap the indian gentleman on the shoulder, and guess what happens… Dance Party!It was fantastic, we tried getting as many people through the line as possible.  lots of groovin’ for sure!  We even had an older lady bust out her classic moves.  These two younger twins, joined in the action as well.    We were creating a spectacle but it was great fun! 

Then they switched the music up to a slower rock song and we stopped.    I bought everyone some water, because I think we really sweated it out. 🙂 

but yes, the speech was good.  I voted for that man into senate and I’ll vote him in again into the White House.  I should have been a cheerleader, I was spouting so many cheers for him:-) Actually, my little sister’s best friend Debra and her mom from chicago found me in the crowd because of all the yelling and clapping I was doing.

but yes, Missouri has picked the wrong president only once in the last century. I’m hoping the 20,000 strong at this rally are a good indication of the vote for Obama.


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